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Hidden Gems – Five Lesser-Known Periodicals for Your Collection

by on April 9, 2015

As budgets shrink, the quest for quality grows.  A while ago my library surveyed patrons about their preferences and how they wanted to see materials collections develop.  One item that arose much to my surprise was the request for hard copy periodicals “with substance.”  The food and craft titles were fine, but people commented they wanted to see less gossip and more content.

While we have People Magazine and Rolling Stone, the request for substance made me not only review our publication list more closely, but examine what was currently available in the periodicals marketplace.  This quest lead to some terrific discoveries.

Below are five great titles that I’ve found most people never heard of!  I have no affiliation with any of these publications, but offer them here for the curious…

  1. ChopChop Magazine – an award winning, quarterly kid’s foodie magazine produced by ChopChopKids. Founded in 2010 by James Beard-nominated author Sally Sampson, the magazine’s mission is to teach young people to cook and eat real food.  The publication is available in both English and Spanish and offers facts, games, and recipes.  http://www.chopchopmag.org/
  2. Pacific Standard Magazine – prints bimonthly in partnership with its parent organization, the non-profit Miller-McCune Center for Research, Media and Public Policy. They “explore the science of society;” examining everything from economics to psychology, customs to education, and institutions to the environment.  Their broad-based and timely articles are accessible and readable, yet also grounded in empirical research, with reference provided.  http://www.psmag.com/
  3. The Sun – For those seeking a more literary approach, The Sun is an independent, non-profit, ad-free monthly magazine that celebrates life through personal essays, short stories, interviews, poetry, and photography.  http://thesunmagazine.org
  4. Mindful – Another publication by an independent non-profit, the magazine uses personal stories, news, and advice. to celebrate being present, composed, and thoughtful in all aspects of life. Articles focus on kindness, caring, and being present.  The magazine is published by the Foundation of a Mindful Society.  http://www.mindful.org/
  5. Stone Soup – produced by the non-profit, the Children’s Art Foundation, Stone Soup magazine is written and illustrated by young writers and artists ages 8 to 13. Published six times a year, the magazine hopes to inspire creativity in youth. http://www.stonesoup.com/

If you are looking to expand or develop your periodicals, encourage a wider frame of reference, or think your patrons ( like mine) are looking for something more substantive and thought provoking, I recommend these titles.  Likewise, if you have hidden gems, I would like to hear of them.

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