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Review– Silent Scream: An Edge of Your Seat Serial Killer Thriller

by on June 2, 2015

(Detective Kim Stone Crime Thriller Series Book 1) By Angela Marsons
$0.99 Kindle Edition

Detective Kim Stone has a track record for solving tough cases. When dead bodies start mysteriously cropping up one after another, she digs up a secret from an abandoned girl’s orphanage that someone would prefer to keep buried. But who could be the killer? The local, well-known priest? The handyman who cares for his disabled daughter? The elderly housekeeper who treats everyone like her favorite grandchild?  Readers meet Stone in the first few pages, but unfortunately, the author spends far too much time on irrelevant details — none of which affect the plot or development of the main character. And, the killer comes seemingly out of left field with little or no history or context provided for this character. The biggest concerns for this book though, are the epiphanies the characters have as the plot peaks. As clues are pieced together, broad, generalized, and sweeping statements are made that don’t quite add up. How Stone knew who the killer was, where to be at what time, and how to find certain bodies is unclear. Just because the characters have a light bulb moment, doesn’t mean the readers do, too.

Ultimately, this is the first in a series of serial killer thrillers to be written by Marsons. And while she should be commended for the solid plot concept, the storyline doesn’t pick up until halfway through the book — and many readers won’t last that long. As the author further develops the series, the books may improve, but at this time, this book is not a solid addition to your library’s thriller collection.