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Review – Beautiful Sacrifice (Maddox Series, Volume 3) by Jamie McGuire

by on August 12, 2015

Beautiful Sacrifice (Maddox Series, Volume 3) by Jamie McGuire
Publisher: Amazon Digital ; Create Space Independent Publishers
Paperback $13.99; ISBN: 9781511847506
Kindle $5.99; ASINBOOWFGUQ4W

Popular New Adult author, Jamie McGuire’s third volume in the Taylor Maddox series, Beautiful Sacrifice, explores family secrets and estrangements; true love, relationships and forgiveness set in small town Colorado.

Gorgeous and hunky, yet rough around the edges, forest service crew member, Taylor Maddox, walks into Dartmouth drop-out Falyn Fairchild’s life at the Bucksaw Café. Maddox pursues the independent, combative and guarded waitress. Falyn is eking out a living after she dodged parental expectations to head for medical school. Conservative political oriented physicians, William and Blaine Fairchild, hold their only daughter, Falyn to severe, almost unattainable standards. McGuire sets main character, Falyn, in a ratty apartment above a hippie-owned diner furnished with gritty cast offs. Her protagonist takes a short commute to work each day, stashing tips in a box filled with letters, pictures, and vague plans to travel toward a distant place.

Plotting perks up as Falyn discovers a common bond with the vagrant fire fighter. His Illinois hometown, Eakin, happens to be the precise location of Falyn’s dream. She decides to take a chance on getting to know the notable womanizer for a twofold motive. But Falyn does not plan on falling for the smoky cowpoke. In Eakin, the Maddox brothers and their extended clan deal with their own troubles as Taylor and Falyn add new elements to the family’s dynamic.

McGuire’s new adult, love-addled novelette will probably appeal to addicts of reality television or fans of Harlequin styled romances. The book contains somewhat implausible adult themes, inappropriate language, and fairly graphic descriptions of sex.

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