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Review- Masque by W.R. Gingell

by on September 9, 2015

Title: Masque
Author : W.R. Gingell
Publisher : Create Space Independent Publishing ISBN 9781503331495 $11.99
Digital: Kindle Amazon Digital Service ASINBOOQJ6NN2 $1.99

Masked balls, swarthy werewolves, and inquisitive lords and ladies inspire Masque, a genre blending fantasy, mystery and tale of romantic suspense. Author W.R. Gingell, produced the second volume for a Two Monarchies series, featuring political intrigues, underhanded spies, and duplicitous lies.

Lady Isabella Farrah, an ambassador’s daughter, sets out to solve the murder of guardsman, Raoul, during a Glause masquerade. After discovering a secret note on the body, leading members of this upper crust social circle try to stop an amateur sleuth from investigating. Gingell infuses a cast of devious characters and magical props, green hash, into a standard who done it reminiscent of Lauren WiIlig’s charming Pink Carnation series. Gingell’s highlights escapades of a beautiful female protagonist mixing in dangerous company. As Part One concludes, Farrah, a self described poet, philosopher and queen, receives devastating intelligence about an official leading suspect. She begins to work on clearing the individual identified by Glause authorities but encounters increasing threats.

The Book of Interesting Excerpts and the king’s powerful surveillance help a privileged gum shoe tag the true culprit and unmask a furry romantic partner. Masque holds appeal for New Adults who appreciate fantasy settings, identify with strong female leads, and engage wit to overcome obstacles.

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