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Using Programming to Bridge Library and School

by on December 8, 2015

The Mayfield Library branch of the Cuyahoga County (Ohio) Public Library is currently offering a variety of programs for school-age children that are intended to build a bridge between the library and the school.  Children learn curriculum-related knowledge by using the library building; working with staff, subject specialists,  and researchers; and getting to know the library collections.

Science Programs
“Fun Science” (grades 5-8), “Chemistry Colors Our World” (grades 3-6), “Physics of Roller Coasters” (grades 5-8), and “Wonders of Weather” (grades 3-5) are examples of the science topics. Some of the programs are summer camps like the month-long Wonders of Weather, where kids meet at the library for a few hours once in a week and explore science with the TV channel meteorologist for a fun, hands-on “Atmosphere Adventure.” They learn how to predict storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, and other weather-related events.  Some are just a one-time programs, like a workshop with volunteers from American Chemical Society to do hands-on chemistry. Natural science topics are covered by experts from  Cleveland Metroparks who frequently come to the library to talk about various animals. They bring slides, natural samples, and stories of how birds and animals live in the habitats. Also, the naturalists provide a tour on the village trail that runs from the library to the Cleveland Metropark nearby.

Language Art and Reading Programs
“Book Buddies – Little Buddies” is a summer camp for children grades 1-3. Students meet once every week over four weeks to read together with teen volunteers.  It is an hour of reading, games, and fun that is based on the language, grammar, and language art curriculum requirements for that school age. “Book Buddies – Big Buddies” is a two-session event for grades 4-12 to read aloud and to participate in learning games. Book Buddies are  library volunteers who participate in a half-hour orientation before the first session.

Social Studies Related Programs
The library also runs an Eco Fair mixed-age program that uses more than twenty-five local environmental groups to share their initiatives and information on how to live more environmentally friendly lifestyles.

Career Related Programs for the School Age Teens
Workshops are popular for teen events and the library’s “Career Planning for College” workshop for ages 11-18 helps showcase various career opportunities on the current job market. A Career Counselor demonstrates how to search for the appropriate college and discusses the information teens need to know about their intended future profession. The ‘camp’ format is also used for teen programming, with the “Scratch Sensation“ and “Innovation and Imagination” camps for ages 11-18 offering interactive animation classes, games, and activities along with math, science, and design activities led by the Progressive Arts Alliance.

These are just a few of our recent programs, you can see more about the branch and related programming here.


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