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Job Searching Made Easier with New Features on ALA JobLIST

by on February 16, 2016

Searching for potential work opportunities (and prospective job candidates) just got easier, safer, and more efficient. The JobLIST website is free for current ALA members. To take advantage of the website and its resources, one needs the following: current ALA login credentials and an active email address. After these credentials are supplied, the user can upload their resume and begin applying for jobs. The process is basic, quick, and effective.

The ALA JobLIST website recently added YourMembership to its features. YourMembership is likely to increase communications between prospective job applicants and potential employers by accounting for applicant interests and employer needs. In short, the newly-enhanced website provides instant, accessible, and essential support to those exploring new opportunities.

The Anonymous Résumé feature enables users to omit identifying contact features that could lead to spam and other unwanted communications, which helps to protect privacy online and gives users the ability to decide what information gets disclosed. An easy-to-use résumé template allows users to edit fonts and typefaces. A résumé can be public, incomplete prior to publication, or private, meaning no one can see it besides the individual user. A public resume can also be modified or unpublished almost instantly. A cover letter can also be added and saved so that a user can return to it later, which is a great feature when pulling together a job application.

The “My Job Alert” feature allows a prospective job applicant to select geographic preferences, industries, and job functions from drop-down menus. Once these criteria are selected, the user then decides whether they wish to receive daily or weekly email digests.

The Job Search database allows uses to sort by the date posted, job location, company, and position. Additionally, applicants can filter positions by industry and job function. The Resources page provides  résumé advice, interview strategies, social media coaching, and opportunities to schedule conversations with job search experts who have professional experience and training in helping people find jobs and make career decisions. Similarly, employers can write job advertisements, compile résumés, group candidates into pools, and create company profiles.

Visit JobLIST to take advantage of these capabilities and to get more information.



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