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New FYI Podcast Episode – True Crime Podcasts Discussion Group

by on June 17, 2024

True crime podcasts have captured the fascination of audiences worldwide, with their gripping narratives and captivating storytelling. According to a 2023 Pew Research study of the U.S. podcast market, nearly a quarter of top-ranked titles in America focused on true crime stories. The same study also showed that true crime topics make up nearly a quarter of all the top-ranked podcasts and had the highest average daily rankings on Apple’s and Spotify’s lists of podcasts over a period of six months in 2022. Of all the U.S. adults who listened to a podcast in the past year, 34% reported regularly listening to podcasts about true crime.

In this episode, we welcome Amy Carmichael, the driving force behind the True Crime Podcast Discussion Group at Lane Public Library in Ohio. Join us as we delve into the group’s origins, glean advice on selecting top-tier podcasts, explore effective engagement strategies, uncover discussion preparation techniques, tackle the nuanced handling of sensitive topics within the true crime genre, and much more



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