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Brandie Doyle is the Business & Career Resources Librarian at the Russell Library in Middletown, CT and Chair of the Connecticut Library Association\'s Customer Service Committee. Her interests include (but are not limited to) change management, user experience, emerging technologies, program planning, community outreach, and information literacy. Brandie is currently reading Too big to know: rethinking knowledge now that the facts aren\'t the facts, experts are everywhere, and the smartest person in the room is the room by David Weinberger.

image of person winning running race

Fail Like a Winner

I’m afraid I have some bad news for the library community. Collectively we are suffering from a rampant case of atychiphobia: a persistent fear of failure. Its primary indicator is “a reluctance to try new things or get involved in challenging projects.” Symptoms may also include anxiety, procrastination, feet dragging, low confidence, and/or debilitating perfectionism.