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Net Neutrality is Dead. For Now.

While this is a huge change that could endanger equal access to the internet, the American Library Association (and other organizations) continue to press for a restoration of Net Neutrality laws.

January/February The Wired Library

Towards a Framework for Digital Justice in Public Libraries

In the wake of the net neutrality repeal, now more than ever, public libraries need to rise to the challenge of engaging in digital justice work. As librarians, we know that the repeal of net neutrality hurts all of us. However, in a climate of increasing inequality and opportunity gaps, marginalized communities, especially people of color, low-income households, and rural communities, are primed to be most negatively impacted by the FCC’s egregious party-line decision.

Taking Sides on Net Neutrality

Last week, a U.S. court of appeals put the kibosh on regulations that keep the Internet playing field even. Broadband providers think it’s awesome. Consumer advocates say, “No way.” So what’s a librarian to do? Oh, plenty.