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Cristy Moran Author Archive

Email: cristymor@gmail.com   Website: A Librarian on the Lookout  

Cristy Moran is a temporary reference librarian at the Alvin Sherman Library at Nova Southeastern University in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. She is interested in information literacy instruction, emerging technologies, and digital trends for libraries. She is currently listening to "The Warrior Elite: Forging of SEAL Class 228" by Dick Couch.

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Special Collections for Diverse Communities

Cultivating special collections that reflect our communities’ experiences creates a legacy of cultural and ethnic history relevant to generations of patrons and to researchers studying the diverse cultural landscape of American cities and towns. Examples of some South Florida library special collections are given.


Blogs By and For Librarians

Librarians use blogs to communicate with LIS peers about their professional library experiences, emerging trends and technology, and best practices. Included is a list of seven essential blogs written by librarians and for librarians.


What You Don’t Know About Genre

Steampunk. Street lit. Sword-and-sorcery. Graphic novels. Hard sci-fi. Paranormal romance. As trends in reading and publishing change, so do library’s efforts to develop collections and reach out to potential library users. Included is a list of websites and blogs dedicated to different genres.

Creating Digital Tutorials

Digital instructional and reference content on your library website will expand the service area of your library and maximize the use of library resources available to your patrons. These objects can guide at-home and onsite users through use of the library resources including the library’s catalog, collections, and e-government services. Library computers can prompt users […]