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New Product News – January/February 2017

Contributor GALINA VELGACH is an Editorial Assistant for the Public Library Association in Chicago. If any new library products have caught your eye lately, please contact Galina at gvelgach@ala .org. Galina is currently reading The Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes. This issue of Public Libraries deals not only with confronting professional failings, but […]

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Toiling in Obscurity

The phrase “toiling in obscurity” is an interesting adage used by authors and writers. It is probably in the minds of many librarians—that they are engaged but obscured. Whether you are a new librarian or have been in the system for years and years, preparing books for the public in the back rooms or even at the top as directors and department heads, I suspect every one of you have had days of wondering, “Is this all there is?”

Jan Feb 2016 Public LIbraries

New Product News January/February 2016

From our print magazine. New Product News delves into the world of library vendors, products, and services to find the standouts that combine innovation and quality.

This Library is a BLAST!

Like many public libraries, Brookfield (IL)Public Library had a problem with unsupervised kids hanging out at the library after school.  The children gathered in the cozy youth area and due to space constraints, seemingly overtook the library. Their youthful exuberance was considered by some to be loud and disruptive. In response, Executive Director, Kimberly Coughran […]

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Starting an Adult Literacy Program

In the end, our Literacy Program has had a positive impact on everyone who has taken part in it. One of our learners finished her college degree, another has gone back to college, and another learner now reads books for pleasure. Many of our learners have become frequent library customers. Staff too, have found the work of providing literacy training and education essential to the community and also very satisfying on a personal level.

New Product News March/April 2015

Dynamic New Science Resource from Scholastic ScienceFlix is a new electronic resource from Scholastic for children in grades four through nine. It covers six topics or curriculum strands: (1) earth science, (2) space science, (3) life science, (4) health and human body, (5) physical science, and (6) technology and engineering; with each topic having five […]

New Product News January/February 2015

EyePlay Long Beach (CA) Public Library has alerted us to a new product for libraries, EyePlay, which parents may have seen in Target, Burger King, Ikea, or some other commercial venue. EyePlay is an interactive media display that can be projected on a floor or wall. EyePlay uses MotionAware technology, which reacts when human movement […]

New Product News – November/December 2014

RefTracker Express For Small and Medium-Sized Libraries RefTracker Express is a pared down version of Altarama’s RefTracker. It is designed for small to medium-sized libraries that want a way to manage and track their information request services whether it is via in person, phone, email, Internet, chat, or text. After completing a short planning guide, […]

New Product News May/June 2014

Gale Virtual Reference Library Gale looked at the various acquisition models in the market and concluded that people pay attention to usage. We want to know if our purchases are being used, so in November 2013 Gale introduced a new usage-driven acquisition model for its Gale Virtual Reference Library (GVRL). How it works: a library […]

A New Take on New Products – New Product News Jan/Feb 2014

Welcome to our first New Product News column, where in each and every issue we will delve into the world of library vendors and products to find the standouts that combine innovation and quality. Mango Languages Have you ever watched a foreign film, and thought that would be a cool way to learn a language? […]

New Product News March/April 2014

3M’s QuickConnect Many patrons come to the library but have no live interaction with library staff at all. They search for items online, place holds, get notified by text, voicemail, or email when the item is ready, come to the library, walk up to a hold shelf, and use a selfcheck system to check out […]

New Product News – September/October 2013

Website Sparticl Makes STEM Research Easy Sparticl is a website developed in conjunction with Twin Cities Public Television and 3M that filters articles related to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) from all over the Internet into one place. In addition to the articles, there are games, images, videos, and other activities created by experts […]

New Product News – July/August 2013

LibraryBox to Launch 2.0 Version LibraryBox, an anonymous file-sharing tool used to distribute files to anyone with Wi-Fi access, is preparing to launch a 2.0 version. LibraryBox provides access to information in places where people usually don’t have it, such as areas with little Internet usage that might be off the broadband grid. Using opensourced […]

New Product News – May/June 2013

OCLC’s Library Spotlight When a patron is looking for your library on the Internet, they might not always be able to find the correct information. OCLC has developed a new program called Library Spotlight, which pulls information from the World-Cat Registry and connects your library’s information with online directories like Yelp. Libraries can update their […]

New Product News – Mar/Apr 2013

Ingram Adds Access Model to MyiLibrary Is your library having trouble keeping popular e-book titles available? Instead of buying up multiple copies of e-books with no way of reselling them, Ingram now offers a way for libraries to pay for access credit so that concurrent users can access the same e-book at the same time. […]