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Dispatches from Midwinter – Digital Public Library of America Update

Preparing for an April 18th launch, the Digital Public Library of America was present at the 2013 ALA Midwinter meeting to present some of the updates on its project. If you’ve never heard of DPLA, it is a digitization project that plans to create a national digital library where patrons can access materials from across the nation in a digital format. Whereas many libraries and organizations already have an existing digitization project, DPLA is a project that plans to centralize and streamline the process of digitization for the parties that might not already be involved.

ALA 2013 Seattle Midwinter Meeting Logo

Dispatches from Midwinter – Transforming Singapore’s Libraries

Libraries in Singapore have gone through an extreme level of transformation in the recent years, with a vision to create “readers for life, learning communities, and a knowledgeable nation.” Two members of the National Library Board in Singapore, Katharina Lee, the executive director of Cybrarian Ventures Private Limited, and Lee Kee Siang, the CIO and Director of Tech & Innovation at the NLB presented at the ALA Midwinter Meeting in Seattle about the state of libraries in Singapore. Unlike libraries in the United States, all libraries in Singapore are governed by the NLB, which is part of the government.

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Dispatches from Midwinter – ALA President’s Program

When they entered a room full of chairs set up in small circles, many attendees were confused by the arrangement of the room. However, the arrangement was all part of Peter Block’s presentation to encourage community engagement. During the session, Block had the audience break into small groups in order to get to know one another and start building community during the session. He gave them questions to ask each other that went beyond the usual “What do you do?” and took it to the next level as he push the attendees to ask each other about who they are and what their passions were.

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Dispatches from Midwinter – ALA, E-books, and Libraries

The DCWG, which formed during the ALA Annual Meetings in New Orleans in 2011, have already done a lot for the library community in the short time that it has been existent. In partnership with the ALA, here are some of the things that Sari Feldman, director of the Cuyahoga Public Library and a member of DCWG, updated the audience on their progress:

ALA 2013 Seattle Midwinter Meeting Logo

Dispatches from Midwinter – I ♥ Seattle

The conference is over but I wanted to share a few of my favorite things about ALA Midwinter 2013:

The city of Seattle – Lovely! I enjoyed a great dinner at Schuckers Oyster Bar and a fantastic three-course lunch at Blueacre Seafood.

The Random House Opening Night Reception at Pike Place Market – Gene Ambaum, Bill Barnes, and their Unshelved players offered a hilarious skit of ‘things heard from librarians in the Exhibit Hall.’ The audience gleefully participated with the “Bookbag?” chicken cluck, the bovine “Boooooze” call, or the almost orgasmic but breathy “I heard you have chocolate. Where’s the chocolate?” booth query!