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Every Cloud Leaks a Little

A recent media scandal involved compromising celebrity photos allegedly hacked from the cloud via the celeb’s cell phones and then distributed to the general public. Shortly after this story broke, my local weather included rain. The jokes flew: every cloud eventually leaks a little.


Head in the Cloud?

Over the past few years, a lot of our information has gone into ‘the cloud.’ The appeal is clear—the ability to access data (files, spreadsheets, schedules, etc.) from anywhere. Drop and drag a file from your desk top and retrieve it from any device you use. The convenience is undeniable. But is convenience overshadowing reason?


Personal Digital Archiving: Cloud Storage as a Backup

Online backup storage – the cloud – is an attractive option for backing up files, especially since a) you should backup your data in different geographic locations and b) with online backup you don’t have to worry about hardware upgrades. However, online storage services are still congealing into something realistic, practical and affordable, and when you shop for a cloud service, there are many conditions to consider.


In the Cloud? It Might Not Be Yours

A MegaUpload user can’t retrieve his legal video files because the government says he gave up his property rights when he stored them in the cloud. What does this mean for libraries?