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hello in a variety of languages tacked to a bulletin board

Language Learning at the Library

As an immigrant myself, I know the loneliness of feeling like you’re different from everyone because you don’t speak English. I felt as a librarian, I was able to go full-circle and create a welcoming atmosphere for my patrons, and send them a message: You’re not alone, we’re here for you!

“Illegal Alien,” See: “Noncitizen”

Undocumented, unauthorized, illegal, immigrant, migrant, alien, noncitizen.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Brochure

Immigration Services in Libraries

Immigrating to a new country is a daunting and complicated task. You are surrounded by new customs, new people, possibly a new language, and paperwork. Finding help for questions as well as a welcoming place during this transitional time can make all the difference in a person’s life. As a recent article illustrates, libraries can be the place that helps newcomers to find information, services, and small comforts, as well as new acquaintances.


Refugees Supported by Public Libraries in Europe

The Civil War in Syria has left large numbers of refugees pouring into many countries in Europe. Public Libraries in the UK, Germany, France, Norway, and others are front-runners in giving them their welcome and support.


Immigration Services at the Library: A New Approach to Pathways to Citizenship

The function of libraries and librarians is constantly changing. We have moved from organizations that served as repositories for information to places where creation of information and hands-on training take shape. An example of this might be if someone were to ask for information about services, such as job search skills or health insurance, we would be able to not only refer that individual to relevant resources, but also incorporate workshops into library programming. But what about immigration services? Some libraries are following this model of librarianship by training staff members to provide legal services regarding citizenship and naturalization.

Failing to Read Well The Role of Public Libraries in Adult Literacy, Immigrant Community Building, and Free Access to Learning

There are 104,000 foreigners arriving in the United States every day. Out of those arrivals, the majority of foreigners enter with visas and about 2,000 are unauthorized.1 With the economic downturn resulting in loss of employment and homes, plus an increased pressure on workers to keep or find new jobs, learners’ English proficiency and effective […]

Teens Are Teens: A Book Club for Somali Girls

This past summer, I ran a biweekly book club for teen Somali girls at a Minneapolis community center. Through the experience, I and other staff in Multicultural Services learned some important lessons about collaboration and working successfully across cultural backgrounds.