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Landing the Library Job Interview

As a potential candidate, it is up to you to convince hiring managers you are the person they’re seeking. Be ready for the many steps in the public library hiring process.

March April 2016

FEATURE|Interview Practice Service at Richland Library

About the Authors RICHLAND LIBRARY BUSINESS AND JOB CENTER STAFF includes Chris Barstow, Kris Dempster, Charletta Felder, Sylvie Golod, Janet Hatch, Andrena King, Bland Lawson, Diane Luccy (Business and Job Center Manager), Megan Mathis, Debra Talton, Jennifer Thompson, and Mary Vicks. Contact Diane at dluccy@richlandlibrary.com. She is currently reading The Little Book That Still Beats […]

Marketing 101 with Trenton Smiley

While public libraries are constantly transforming themselves to meet the changing informational and entertainment needs of the community, many people still have an old fashioned-view idea of what libraries have to offer. Why is this? Libraries are so much more than books. Today’s libraries have cutting-edge technology, dynamic programming, and knowledgeable staff, yet so many […]

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Ace the Interview

Why do interviews make us so nervous? They really shouldn’t, but, alas, they really DO! Being judged by a panel of people we hope to work for is nerve wracking! Preparing for an interview is one of the best ways to ensure that—at the very least—we appear relaxed and confident.