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Minecraft as a Historical Education Tool

Minecraft has taken over many households and libraries over the past several years. “To date, Minecraft has been downloaded more than 60 million times and is so popular that videos just discussing the game on YouTube attract 2.4 billion views.”[1] Libraries have incorporated this game into many of their yearly programs, and sessions about the innovative game have been given at conferences across the country.


Games, Games, and More Games – Experiencing Gen Con as a Librarian

Every year gaming geeks of all shapes and sizes travel to Indianapolis to participate in Gen Con, a 4-day table-top gaming extravaganza. Gamers are able to participate in all sorts of tournaments as well as playtest a variety of role-playing, strategy, miniature, and collectible card games.

The Minecraft Craze at the Public Library

Back in my younger days, Pac-Man® was the game to play. Maybe even Gorf, if you were lucky enough to have a snazzy Commodore 64 computer like I did. Despite these games and others being popular back then, there was no thought to having them played in the public library. That is all changing now, and the latest craze in gaming at the library involves Minecraft.

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Video Games Bring People Together

If the average video game purchaser is 35 and the average American household has at least one video game console, how are you serving these people in your library?