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FYI Podcast: Public Library Anti-Hate Statements

by on January 31, 2022

Editor’s Note: This podcast is based on a presentation that was scheduled to occur at the 2022 PLA Conference. Unfortunately, the presentation was canceled and will not/did not take place. However, the podcast episode still offers a ton of information on library anti-hate statements.

In this episode we talk with Cindy Khatri, Public Relations Manager, and Van McGary, Adult and Teen Services Assistant Manager, at the Downers Grove (IL) Public Library (DGPL) about the Anti-Hate Statements that the library releases in response to current events. The library believes that through the use of Anti-Hate Statements they are openly condemning hate and violence against historically marginalized groups. So Far, DGPL has released the following Anti-Hate Statements:

12/20/2021: From the Board of Library Trustees and Director: A Statement in Solidarity of the LGBTQ+ Community
6/10/2021: From the Board of Library Trustees and Director: A Message Against Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia
4/16/2021: From the Director: An Updated Message in Support of Black and Brown Lives
3/24/2021: From the Board of Library Trustees: A Message on Anti-Asian Racism
6/2/2020: From the Director: A Message on Anti-Racism and Free Speech
You can see the statements and read more about the library’s EDISJ efforts at dglibrary.org/edi/. Khatri and McGary will also present a program at the upcoming PLA conference (PLA 2022) on this topic. More info at www.placonference.org.