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FYI Podcast: Public Library Association Surveys

by on October 18, 2022

In this episode we discuss the results of the Public Library Association’s 2021 Public Library Staff and Diversity Survey and the current 2022 Public Library Services for Strong Communities Survey. Our guests are: Sara Goek: Project Manager, Data and Research, at PLA; Dan Hensley: Co-chair of PLA’s Measurement, Evaluation, and Assessment Committee (aka MEAC) and Coordinator of Adult Learning at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh; and Katina Jones: Program Manager, Evaluation and Assessment, at PLA and former member of MEAC



Learn more about the 2022 Services for Strong Communities Survey and read the report on the 2021 Staff and Diversity Survey results at https://www.ala.org/pla/data/plasurveys.

To complete the current survey, login to your library’s Benchmark account at https://librarybenchmark.org/. Click on “Surveys” in the menu and you will see the PLA Services Survey listed under “Open Surveys.” All public library directors should have received an invitation to this year’s survey. If you did not, please contact plabenchmark@ala.org for assistance in accessing your Benchmark account. The survey closes December 10, 2022.