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New FYI Episode: Read Romance — Fight Patriarchy

by on January 15, 2024

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This episode of FYI–The Public Libraries Podcast is sponsored by iRead. iREAD is a flexible, nonprofit reading program designed by librarians featuring appealing incentives, compelling and adaptable themes, and a comprehensive resource guide full of ideas.


In this episode of FYI– The Public Libraries Podcast, Kathleen Hughes, PLA, hosts Lori Leiberman, a Teacher/Librarian from Lincoln High School in Portland, Oregon, as they explore the intricate dynamics of the romance genre, and Lieberman’s upcoming PLA conference program, “Read Romance/Fight Patriarchy.” The conversation navigates the popularity and enduring stigma surrounding romance literature, discussing the genre’s paradoxical position as both a billion-dollar industry and a source of unwarranted shame for readers. Lieberman sheds light on the feminist essence embedded in romance narratives and their potential to challenge patriarchal norms. Drawing from her experiences at Lincoln High School, she shares insights into the positive impact of romance literature in educational settings, highlighting the genre’s capacity to engage students and foster cultural awareness. The episode concludes with practical tips for launching a Romance Book Club in libraries and building inclusive romance collections that authentically represent diverse voices and experiences. Don’t miss this candid exploration of the genre’s complexities and its profound impact on readers and education.

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