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Nkem Osuigwe Author Archive

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Nkem Osuigwe PhD CLN has been the Director, Nigerian Book Foundation, Awka since February 2016 when she left as the Head of Prof. Kenneth Dike State Central eLibrary, Awka Anambra State, Nigeria. Coincidentally, the two institutions are housed in the same complex! She has served as a Chapter Chairman, Anambra State Nigerian Library Association (NLA) and won the Best Chapter Award consistently for three years. She has also served as a national Vice President of NLA. She is the first winner of NLA Advocacy Award for the promotion of libraries and SDGs on online platforms. She is the Chair, Public Library Section, AfLIA, Chairman, AfLIA Development Agenda Working Group, and a mentor of INELI SSAf. She is also one of the two Beyond Access Public Library Champions in Nigeria.

Voices are Power

The insights gained from a library visit in Nashville, have put into motion events that will certainly change lives and create a new future for many libraries in Africa. We are on the threshold of making history as we seek to transform lives by empowering African voices to tell their stories.

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Nigerian Public Libraries Helping Job Seekers

More than 100 people received employment and keyed in into business opportunities recently through the help of Nigerian public libraries who had participated in the Beyond Access/IREX project in Nigeria.

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Nigerian Public Libraries Step Up To Help Street Children

Public libraries in Nigeria are stepping up to assist out-of-school children in the country to be literate. Little or non-existent opportunities for learning out of school and non-recognition of the fact that children have individual learning styles are some of the risk factors for the increase in out of school children.