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Geeking @ the Library: Con is Community!

We are fascinated with the geek culture, especially when fans bring their favorite characters to life from literature. We all promote literacy and already had formed a bond through social media. When we found out two years ago that the 2015 theme for Summer Reading would be “Heroes,” it hit us that a comic convention or Con would be the ideal way to culminate the program. Some of us had been to Cons and were already familiar with how they worked, but they were more adult-oriented. We wanted to offer a safe place to our library patrons in real space for their passion and interests, and what place better represents a safe haven to our community than our library

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The Latest and Greatest Middle School Reads

‘Summer Reading’ time may be over, but students will need books to read for school before you know it. Here are some recent titles that are perfect for those in-between middle school students who are moving on from the grade 4-6 books but not quite ready to plunge into the sometimes scary ‘young adult’ section. We’ll call them ‘YA-lite’—kids will just call them great reads.

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Opening in 100 Years: The Future Library

The Future Library isn’t a library yet, but when it opens in 2114 it will contain written works from great authors of today – and many authors not even born yet.

Graphic Novel Display

What is an Adult Graphic Novel?

In the quandary of whether to have an “adult graphic novel” collection, do you have an idea of what you want “adult graphic novel” collection to mean for your library?

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I’ll Tell You What to Read: Online BookMatch Program Connects Readers to New Books

It has often been said that New York is the nucleus of the universe. It is the style-maker and idea generator for many and always has the pulse of the latest de rigueur movements in art, culture, and fashion. This fall, they decided to expand that into the world of libraries with the Brooklyn Public […]


In Memoriam: Eugie Foster

Fantasy and Science Fiction author Eugie Foster (b. 1971) left us on September 27, 2014 at the age of 42 as a result of respiratory failure. I had the privilege of meeting Ms. Foster at JordanCon in 2012, and her works left a lasting impact on me.

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Enter The Dragonslayer – A Look at Resa Nelson

I recently came across a new author (via twitter) that I wanted to share with my readers, whether they are looking for a new book series or developing a collection of Fantasy Fiction for their library.

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Women of Fantasy Fiction, Part 4: Seanan McGuire, Eugie Foster, and Mary Robinette Kowa

Having recently returned from JordanCon 2013 in Roswell, Georgia, I came home with two of these three authors on my mind. This is the first time I had the pleasure of meeting Seanan McGuire, a five-time Hugo Nominee, and the first woman to be nominated five times in a single year, but I had previously met Eugie Foster at JordanCon 2012. Mary Robinette Kowal, also a previous panelist at JordanCon 2012, has long been on my mind as a fantastic writer of fantasy and science fiction for her series The Glamorist Histories (the most recent, Without a Summer, made my Best Bets and Most Popular Picks list!) and seeing her name again during the Tor/Forge Book preview brought it all back to me.

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Women of Fantasy Fiction, Part 2: Ursula K. LeGuin and C.J. Cherryh

Continuing our theme on the women who write and influence fantasy fiction, this week we will be looking at authors Ursula K. LeGuin and C.J. Cherryh (pronounced “cherry,” the h is silent). Ursula Kroeber LeGuin (1929 – ), the daughter of noted Anthropologist Alfred Kroeber and the writer Theodora Krober, is the author of seven books of poetry, twenty-two novels, over one hundred short stories, four collections of essays, twelve books for children and four volumes of translation. She is best known for the six books in the Books of Earthsea series among fantasy fans, though she also received critical acclaim for her major work in science fiction, The Left Hand of Darkness. C.J. Cherryh, another prominent science fiction/fantasy author, has written over sixty books as well as short story compilations. In fantasy fiction, she is best known for her Fortress series (Fortress in the Eye of Time, Fortress of Eagles, Fortress of Owls, Fortress of Dragons, Fortress of Ice), but is also the author of the Ealdwood Stories, The Russian Stories and Heroes in Hell as well as numerous short fiction pieces.

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The Women of Fantasy Fiction Part 1: Marion Zimmer Bradley

Women have long played an important role in the creation and expanding of the fantasy fiction genre. So, in honor of International Women’s Day (March 8, 2013)I’m embarking on a four-part series about the women who make up the fantasy genre, some of their books that have made a lasting impression on readers and the ones I suggest should be part of every public library fantasy collection.

Three Essential Epic Fantasy Series That Every Library Should Own

When it comes to Epic Fantasy, some series stand out above the others. These series have spawned huge readership, movies, games and fan fiction, and are always in demand among Epic Fantasy readers. J.R.R. Tolkein’s The Lord of the Rings, Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time, and Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn series should all grace the […]

Getting to Know Fantasy Fiction

The world of fantasy fiction is immense, complicated, and contains something for most every reader.  However, many library-users do not know where to start when considering tackling this genre. For those unfamiliar with this type of literature, it can seem unwieldy and obtuse. That’s where I come in. As an avid reader of the genre, […]