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HOW TO Flip Your Library’s Collections – Visiting Project Chaos

This was a daunting project with multiple moving parts. Staff flipped our entire adult collections and ended up moving 71,701 items.

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Not Everything with Books is a Library

If you closely follow library stories across the world you may have come across this heartwarming one: A small rural public school’s largely abandoned library in Las Plumas County, California, was so outdated that it was unusable. A local writer, Margaret Garcia, had a dream of reopening this library, so she put out a call on her blog for people to send a book. Her blog post went viral and people sent in 47 million books!


Preserving for Posterity

Archive Corps is a volunteer effort to help save physical materials that are in danger of being lost forever. According to their mission statement they intend to “make the insurmountable, surmountable” when it comes to rescuing these materials through physical rescue missions, regardless of material or location. The man behind the mission is Jason Scott. Scott, along with the other volunteers at Archive Corps, works under the idea that if something needs saving, Archive Corps members will mobilize to do so. At present time he has received over 200 emails from people interested in volunteering.

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Weeding Collections

Recently, I was placed in charge of a weeding project of the non-fiction collection at Meredith Public Library, where I work as a library aide. This task, combined with a recent discussion at New Hampshire Library Association’s Annual Conference and a news story out of the University of New Hampshire, have gotten me to think about the importance of curating our collections. Also, it has brought on the realization that perceptions about weeding, both within libraries and in our broader communities, tend to be pretty negative.


Spring Weeding – Progress Should Be Reflected in Your Collection

Everyone in the Youth Services department at Mesa Public Library (Los Alamos, New Mexico) has resolved to weed the nonfiction collection in both branches. All this past year or so we have been weeding the nonfiction at the main library, so now it’s time to tackle the branch library.