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Corrado Di Tillio Author Archive

Email: c.ditillio@bibliotechediroma.it  

Corrado Di Tillio is a Services manager and South-East area coordinator of the Public Libraries of the City of Rome, Italy. He is Secretary of the Standing Committee of the IFLA Section on Metropolitan Libraries. He has been working in public libraries since 1998, with various interests like management, collection development and reading groups. Corrado is currently reading Something Quite Peculiar by Steve Kilbey.

person at library working on computer

Writer-in-Residence Project at Québec Library

During the visit of the first floor, I noticed a study room with glass walls. Inside a man sat, concentrated, in front of a notebook and a large, colorful candy jar which immediately caught my attention. Our guide explained that he was Mathieu Blais, the current “writer-in-residence”