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Kat Werner is the Head of Teen Services at the Benton Harbor Public Library. She is currently attending Wayne State University and studying for her Master’s Degree. Kat loves all things pop culture related. Kat is currently reading The Tell Tale Start by Gordon McAlpine

Heart Candies

Get Ready for Valentine’s Day: Romance for Teens

Looking to get in the romantic spirit this Valentine’s Day? Here are some great YA fiction titles that will make you feel the love:


Games, Games, and More Games – Experiencing Gen Con as a Librarian

Every year gaming geeks of all shapes and sizes travel to Indianapolis to participate in Gen Con, a 4-day table-top gaming extravaganza. Gamers are able to participate in all sorts of tournaments as well as playtest a variety of role-playing, strategy, miniature, and collectible card games.

vintage book pages

Get Great Deals on e-Books

Looking to get a deal on e-books? Love sites like Groupon? Then you should try BookBub. According to the site, BookBub offers “limited-time free and discounted ebooks matching your interest.”

Robot Club

Robotics Clubs At the Library

Robotics clubs have become popular throughout the country, and now many librarians are becoming involved.  Robotics programs can go hand-in-hand with LEGO programs at the library, or can stand on their own.  The purpose of a robotics program is for patrons to create a fully functional robot that competes against other robots.  These robotics clubs […]


LEGO Programs at the Library

The collective Summer Reading Program theme this year centers on science, and libraries might want to include one of the hottest library trends in their Summer Reading Program: LEGO and Robotics. Programming around these ideas is already popular in many libraries, and librarians can look to these established programs to get ideas for their own library.

film illustration

Books to Movies: Get Ready for the Summer Season

Making books into movies is big business, and with summer coming up the viewing public is set for a large amount of book-to-movie adaptations to hit the big screen. Some of the biggest blockbusters have been movies based on teen books, and that trend does not look to die out anytime soon. Here’s a list of some of the most anticipated book-based movies that are coming soon to a theater near you.

silhouettes of yoga poses

Fitness Programs in the Library

Most people think that the library is just a place to read or go online, but some librarians are reaching out to their patrons by offering innovative programming to bring in new patrons and expand their services to younger adults. One such librarian is Jessica Zaker who has successfully launched a fitness program at her library.

Kitchen tools

Library Lends Kitchen Tools and Appliances

Many librarians are realizing that there is a definitive shift in the way the library will be serving the public in the future. With the addition of computers, DVDs, and now e-books and other digital media, the library is becoming a place that people come to for a variety of learning materials, not just traditional print books.

people using computers

National Day of Civic Hacking Aims To Improve Communities

The first annual National Day of Civic Hacking was celebrated on June 1 and 2. This is a day where “citizens, software developers, and entrepreneurs from all over the nation gather to collaboratively create, build, and invent new solutions using publicly-released data, code, and technology to solve challenges relevant to our neighborhoods, our cities, our states and our country.” [1] It is open to citizens anywhere in the US and at least 90 different activities were planned for the day throughout the country. Some of these events included blockparties, hackathons, meetups and more.

pop tab bracelet

Simple Crafts for Teens

Teens love to be creative, and one of the best ways libraries can foster this creativity is with teen crafts. Crafting can be done inexpensively, crafting can be tied into any summer reading program theme, and doing crafts at the library could lead teens to check out craft related books. At the Benton Harbor Public Library we’ve hosted many successful craft programs including shirt decoration (tie-dye and puff paint), pop tab bracelets, and our annual Christmas ornament workshop. I’ve learned that often, the more simple the craft, the better. Here are some crafts that you can do with your teens at the library.

picture of teens at food event

Food Programs Appeal to Library Patrons

Everyone knows one of the best ways to get patrons to attend a program is to include food. Well, why not make food the main focus of the program? There are many ways to do this, and food programs can be used for almost any age group. Some food-based programs can be expensive, but some can be done for a smaller budget.

silhouette of graduate on computer motherboard

What To Expect From Online Library School

Many people who work in libraries decide that they want to pursue the Master’s Degree in Library Science (or in Library and Information Science) and work towards becoming an official librarian. Originally that meant packing up and going away to school, or finding a school local enough to commute back and forth. But, with the rise of online schooling more and more MLS programs are being offered that way.


YA Classification Not a Commentary on Quality

Recently the movie version of the book Warm Bodies came out in theatres.  This movie was marketed to young adults and was made by the same company that put out the Twilight movies (Summit Entertainment).  Unfortunately, that is not the audience that Isaac Marion (author of Warm Bodies) had in mind for his novel.  When […]

Information sign

Collection Development Policy vs. Personal Opinion

Every library must decide for itself if a book fits into its collection. In a perfect world we’d be able to afford every book published, and be able to make those books available to the public. This isn’t a perfect world though, and librarians face tough decisions on how to spend ever-shrinking budgets. We have to take into account reviews, reputation, patron requests, popularity, collection redundancy, and more. This is why a collection development policy is so important to the library, and it is unfortunate when policy is set aside in favor of personal opinion.

The Fault in Our Stars Book Cover

John Green – The Fault In Our Stars

Teen librarians, and others interested in the Young Adult genre have known the name John Green for years. John’s first published book, Looking for Alaska, won the 2006 Michael L. Printz award for Young Adult Literature. Since then he’s gone on to publish four other novels, a short story in the book Let it Snow, contributed to several anthologies, and, with his brother Hank Green, started the Nerdfighter community.